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Emma United Kingdom, Liverpool Research summary, 48 hours, Undergraduate

Nice summary of my self written research paper in History. I guess forward I will try more of their services, cause they are nice and affordable. Agree, being affordable isn't the last aspect a student take into consideration when placing an order or buying something online. At least, it works that way for me.

Santos United Kingdom, Edinburgh Dissertation chapter, 2 weeks, PhD

My dissertation was almost completed when I came to them. I just needed one more chapter but felt completely worn out to write it myself. Within two weeks the task was finished and delivered back to me. I like the way it is now. I made a few changes though, but just because I gave them some different materials to be sure none will know I used online resource for my writing.

Joseph United Kingdom, London Essay, 7 days, Undergraduate

I like the general look of my essay from Brits. They didn't forget to add a bibliography to the annex pages. Conclusions were there as well. Even though they`re extra British, they don`t sound too British. Nice is that.

Kerry United Kingdom, Bristol PowerPoint Presentation, 48 hours, Entrepreneur

It was a bit long with ordering process. Not sure whose fault, but I expected to spend less time on placing my order. To the beneficial sides those are definitely their crew members. Consulting service is on a high level as well. You cannot say that's something unexpecting when relying on a namely resource, but rather a pleasure to discover.

Francis United Kingdom, Nottingham Coursework editing, 7 days, HND

Badly written, I needed, no, I wanted it to be completely different! And I got what I wanted. For just 7 days. And.... my huge, eternal love is here! I mean, the grade I got yesterday for the task. Thanks AcademicBrits!

Gladys United Kingdom, Manchester CV with cover letter, 10 days

I know my value as of a specialist. So I usually complete any kind of professional documents on my own. With a lack of time I had no other ideas than to use this place and it wasn`t a miss! My CV is well designed and a cover letter illustrates my key-skills and experience. Was a pleasure to work with you.