Historical Writers


Thomas Paine was born in Norfolk County in England in 1937 and later immigrated to America. His background is consistent with common hardship such as being a privateer at one time, his work as a writer is propelled by an ideology of reasoning. Jonathan Boucher was born in Cumberland in 1738 earning a position of rector over several parishes throughout his life; a strong Christian advocate.

Thomas Paine endeavors to enlighten the audience of the eighteenth century by pointing out some misnomer that the common people in their contexts were circulating. These issues common people considered to be truths; therefore, reasons to stick to Great Britain Paine analysis and disregards (#98 Voice of Freedom). It is apparent that the Paine uses simple logic to arrive at his conclusions. He says that some people consider Britain to be the mother country to America, but he concludes that a mother cannot be a parasite to their child (#99 VoF). Also, the protection that Britain offers America is not against the enemies of America, but rather those of Britain herself. 

Despite the strong arguments provided by Paine, his conclusions lack in certain elements. The most crucial point that is relevant to this end is that the author himself and the persons being addressed were not indigenous to America. Therefore, they were invaders at a new continent, he strengthens this concept by implying that America would have been much better off without being invaded by Britain. Additionally, Britain offered a much more skilled man powered which by far helped industrialize America and make it more productive.

Jonathan Boucher claims of loyalty to Britain were furthered in his writings that greatly analytic of the current doctrine and the nature of the relationship of America. He addressed most of his arguments from a Christian point of view noting that he was a rector of several parishes throughout his life. His main argument resonated that a king is given by God, therefore, implying that those in America were to embrace their rules in Britain (#101 VoF). In addition to this, he idealizes the concept of the government saying that it is to every man’s benefit to embracing their government since it is a sacred duty (#101 VoF).

Paine’s approach to the concept of America’s dependence on Britain was defended through his doctrine. In his context, Christianity was the most dominant religion in America and other religions such as those of the indigenous Indians were regarded to be evil. He acted within his right to acknowledge Christian principles upon his critique. However, in Christianity, respect of others opinion is the most important form of coexistence, seeing that most figures in the Bible were able to coexist with other religions. With this in mind, it is not accurate to impose Christian beliefs upon those who do not share in the doctrine since they are in essence the original Americans.

In conclusion, the two writers are well versed against each other since their arguments cover a wide range of issues that required addressing in the eighteenth century. The most outstanding writer in this regard is Thomas Paine since he is able to ground is arguments on solid logic and not a belief system that is consistent with the British rule. Immigrants from other countries would have easily been able to identify with his logic.